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Funding Options

Solar Stream's 'Pay As You Save' Scheme

For the Home Owner and Business Owner

Solarstream can install your system upfront with a small deposit and you apply the electricity savings you make to pay off the system over the remaining agreed period, usually 5 years.

Let your Solar System Pay for Itself

Solar Energy Systems can pay for themselves in as little as four years to five years. The system has a life of twenty five years, so once you have paid if off the plant goes on generating your free electricity and savings for its twenty five year life. We can tailor a Pay As You Save Solar package to meet your individual needs.

Competitive Lease Financing Packages and Grants

In association with our Lending Partners we can provide competitive leasing and hire purchase options over five to seven years.

Grants and Tax incentives for Solar Energy in Ireland are currently available. As experts, this means we are able to steer you into incentives and savings available to you for you to benefit from Solar Energy.
Contact us to discuss further options on leasing packages and grants available for a tailored solution to your needs.

Solar Stream PPA – Free to Roof Systems

Suitable for Businesses

Lock in Low Priced Electricity Now and into the Future with our Solar PPA’s

Solarstream’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows your business to Go Solar without any capital investment and to start saving on energy costs right away.

We can deliver 20% - 30% lower in costs on your general electricity by the renewable energy produced on your roof. We manage everything including design, financing solar energy systems, and maintenance. We incur the Capital cost and offer you a competitive low-price electricity solution.

More about the Free to Roof - PPA System – How it works

  • Our clients agree to provide the airspace above their roofs for 25 years with us, we install the solar panels and enter into a lease of rights for this period to maintain the system and provide discounted electricity.
  • We install our solar PV system onto their roof, Free of Charge.
  • You pay per unit of solar electricity that you use.
  • We monitor, maintain and insure the system for 25 years, at no cost to our clients.


How you benefit

  • Free solar PV system – The solar panel system is fully funded by us.
  • Guaranteed savings on electricity bills – Electricity produced by the solar panel system which you consume on site is purchased from us at a rate cheaper than your current energy provider and is linked to RPI inflation.
  • Zero cost ‘green’ credentials – A zero capital route to improving your company’s Environmental  Responsibility, enhancing relations with eco-conscious customers, suppliers and staff.
  • No maintenance or insurance costs – We look after the solar panel system under a long term operations and maintenance contract and insurance cover, at no cost to you.
  • Long term protection against energy markets – The unit price you pay for electricity generated by the solar PV system will be fixed at the outset of the agreement and will only rise in line with RPI, allowing you to budget more effectively.
  • Fully transferable – The PPA can be transferred to new occupants should you move to new premises.


Typical savings you can expect to receive

We fund the entire installation of a solar energy system and you receive discounted solar electricity generated by the local power generating plant. The savings you can expect can be 20% off your current electricity costs by using solar energy systems on your property. After 25 years, ownership of the system transfers to you and you enjoy 100% free solar electricity for the remaining life of the system (c. 10 years).

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