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6KW Residential PV Solar Panels & Battery (SEAI Grant Rebate *€2,400)

6KW Residential PV Solar Panels & Battery (SEAI Grant Rebate *€2,400)


  • 6kW or 15 solar panel system PV Solar System including Battery System.
  • Ideal for The Larger Home.
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty on Solar Panels.
  • Local Solar Panel Installation and Support.
  • 11% Return on Your Solar Panel Investment Outlay.
  • €1,200 pa of Electricity Savings for a warrantied 25 years and beyond.

Monthly payment option available.

All Solar Panel Deposits Are Fully Refundable - after a solar panel survey advisor has contacted you.
Or Weekly Payment Options - Pay as You Save - Pay for the Solar Panel System over 5 Years as you make the Savings.

  • 6KW Solar Panel Array.
  • Monocrystalline 405w – Suntech Solar Panels, 15 Panels with a 25 Year Performance Warranty.
  • Solis Hybrid Inverter – 5-year standard warranty-
  • Pylontech Battery 2.4kw or 3.5kw, 5-year warranty, 10 year lifespan.
  • Includes Roof Mounted Fittings. All ancillary cabling and switches together with scaffolding Works as needed. Includes all Electrical Installation Works associated with PV Solar Installation and Commissioning Works.
  • Immersion- Hot Water Smart switch if required €499 extra at time of fitting.
  • Pricing of Solar Panel installation is based on fitting to tilled roof. Please allow extra costs associated with Slate Roof of €250.

All Prices for Residential Solar Panel Systems are inclusive of VAT.

Our intention is to give you a full and clear cost for the installation of the solar panel system. Providing nothing unforeseen should occur the only additional costs, where not included above, would be those associated for any structural or planning related issues should they be required.

Please note the goods remain owned by Solarstream Limited until paid for in full.

Please note Planning Permission may be required for the proposed solar panel installation. Whilst it is not a requirement to claim the SEAI grant and whilst there is an expectation that the general exemption for seven panels will be  increased to cover your installation; you may have an obligation in the future to regularise the planning.