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Price:   € 1,150 inc. VAT


How it works

Our battery system stores the solar energy generated during the day so it can be used in the morning and evening or in the event of a power cut. This is clever energy management, including a storage solution. As a home owner, this process is seamless. all you’ll notice is a reduction in electricity bills.


Use energy, store it, or feed it into the grid.

Reduce your dependence on traditional power providers with an intelligent Solarstream battery storage system.

Solar panels generate the most energy during the day when the sun is shining and when you and your family tend to use the least energy or have the lowest consumption levels.

Our Batterybox solution makes it possible to utilise solar power time-independently by storing unused capacity. It converts and directs solar power to where it is needed, when it is needed.


With a Solarstream Batterybox you can :

  •  Reduce your energy bills along with your carbon footprint.
  •  Capture the sun’s energy and save it for when you need it.
  • Track your energy generation and usage to get tailored insights into further savings.