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Solarstream Completes a  200kw / 500 Panel  PV Solar  Roof Top Commercial  System  in  Cork City  

 02 Sep 2021

Solarstream Completes a  200kw / 500 Panel  PV Solar  Roof Top Commercial  System  in  Cork City  

Solarstream are delighted to announce that they have recently completed a 200kw Solar PV System on a commercial building in Cork city. 

This project was completed in late  July 2021. 

The Customer, a commercial business with large electricity usage, began their journey with Solarstream in  late 2020 when they installed an 11kw Solar PV System- Pilot  System . This smaller sized system was installed first, as it did not require any planning permission or grid connections and was used as a test run for the bigger system.

Solarstream managed  the entire process   for the Client , from planning permission, design, and finance and  provided a  ‘turn key’  solution.  

The Solar PV System  installed provides the  Client  with the  equivalent of 200,000 kws  or  €30,000 pa  worth of energy savings. In addition  to   immediate savings it will reduce carbon  emissions by 140 tonnes  per annum. As part of Ireland’s commitment to greener energy, Solarstream works with businesses and homes alike to provide PV Solar Installations through our own self- funded solutions providing  greener , cleaner  energy  .

Installing a Solar PV System onto the premises of your business brings great benefits including a fantastic return on your investment or a reduction in operating costs, control over future energy bills and more. 

If you are interested in Residential Solar Systems or Business Solar Systems then please contact our friendly customer service team on info@solarstream.ie to request a call back from our Dublin office.

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