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Mini-generation Scheme available for domestic and commercial properties

 14 Jan 2022

Our Solarstream Sales Team were in HQ for an in person catch up. We are running out of seats!. Chairman Paul Browne gave a talk to the group about recent developments in the Irish market. Solarstream continues to grow, with our ambition to enable all to harvest the power of the sun.

At the end of 2021, the government announced a Mini-generation Support Scheme for domestic and non-domestic renewable energy systems. 

This is a pilot scheme that allows the exportation of surplus energy back to the grid up to 50kW. Customers will now receive a tariff for all exported electricity under this new scheme. 

It is advisable to get in early because there are only 150 spots available at this time!

If you are interested in Residential Solar Systems or Business Solar Systems then please contact our friendly customer service team on info@solarstream.ie to request a call back from our Dublin office.